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About Me

I accidentally came across Yoga since 2006. It all happened with the help of my past acrobatic practice and friends whom noticed my talents and practices. At first, I was kind of nervous, doing a head stand which comes with consistent practice on a Yoga mat. Despite the fact, that I had done such poses in the past, like the way toddlers and children display yoga poses and contortion movements unconsciously and effortless. Yoga I would say requires unity of the mind, body and breathes to rip its benefits. I experience Yoga better in warm and hot weather atmosphere driven with a nice sound vibe to awaken my lower inner self energy. Favorite Yoga Poses: Warrior I,II,III, reverse warriors, Dog scorpion, and cobra dog. Certifications: Frog lotus Yoga International Teacher Training, 200hrs Yoga Alliance, 2008 by Vidya Jacqueline Heisel. NESTA Sport Yoga Instructor, 2009 by Spencer Institute. Miniyogis Teacher Training, 2009 by Shana Meyerson. Education: B.A, History, A.A.S, Food Science with Concentrations in International Relations, Agricultural Business and a Global Studies Certificate from North Carolina State University & North Carolina Central University. Hobbies: Yoga, Cooking vegetarian cuisine, Studying Holistic wellness, reading religious books, meditation, listening to and discussing the current affairs of the world, walking and observing health nuts and Yoga Gurus’ activities.

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