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1What is Vinyasa Flow Yoga, exactly?
Vinyasa Flow is a creative, fun style of yoga set to music in which poses are repeated for consistency and progress, but no two classes are the same. "Vinyasa" means "linking" - the poses are linked together in a flow, the movement is linked with the breath, and mind is linked to the present moment.
2Are the classes suitable for my level?
The classes are designed to be all levels. That said, Vinyasa Flow is a dynamic style of yoga, meaning that we get moving! You don't have to be flexible or super strong, as long as you don't mind getting your heart rate up and getting a bit warm. Also, the classes are not meant to be therapeutic for individual conditions, so if you're working with injuries that are currently causing you pain or that restrict your range of motion, best to email me first (below). If you have a medical condition and you're not sure how it will respond to yoga, please ask your doctor before attending a class.
3What if I have an injury, I'm nervous about joining a group class, or the times don't work for me?
Consider a one-to-one lesson. Private sessions cost $35 per 75 minutes or $110 for 5 sessions. I can go over the basics of a Vinyasa practice with plenty of time to find what works for your body and also modify the practice if needed.
4 How will I know if class is cancelled?
Make sure you're on the mailing list below! If I haven't sent out an email, class is happening as scheduled. You can always email me to check as well.
5Are you ready to make a positive change in your lifestyle?
As a Yoga Instructor, My goal is to help you connect the mind, body, and breathe to improve your wholesome and sense of wellbeing for all levels!
6What is Yoga?
Yoga means to Yoke: The union of the mind, body and breathe. It started about 5,000BCE in Ancient Kemet and later evolved into other India forms of Yoga styles, and its element are found and fused with Martial Arts, Creative dance, Copoeira, acrobatic and gymnastic movement which makes yoga a hot debatable topic concerning its times and place of origin among yoga scholars, Far East Historians, and novice. Yoga existence can be seen in Kemetic Hieroglyphics and read in Hindustan Sanskrit which gloriously found its way into the West from personal observation and research.